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Finding Common Ground Between Consumers and Artificial Intelligence: A Closer Look at Consumers’ Current Relationship with Chatbots

2018 Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is primed to help all businesses address the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers, regardless of their existing digital capabilities. With the potential to improve business operations in ways never before possible, it’s no surprise that more and more business leaders are getting on board with AI. But how do consumers feel?

Bridging the gap between understanding and acceptance of AI applications (particularly chatbots) with consumers will be critical to improve existing chatbot and AI interactions and to seed new innovations in ways that make sense for unique business goals and experiences.

This report provides:

  • Data that illustrates an understanding of consumer interest in chatbots
  • Insights into what’s standing in the way of consumer acceptance as companies make increasing investments in deep learning technology
  • The types of guarantees consumers need before fully adopting AI applications
  • Suggestions on how to work towards a future where chatbots and consumers co-exist

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