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The Digital Strategies and Holistic Solutions Retailers Need to Keep Up with Changing Commerce Expectations

Retail Digital Transformation Report 2017

Retailers are less risk averse than other industries to invest in emerging solutions, however, the data provided in this report showcases that these efforts are often misguided. Rather than pursuing technologies that scale to address their users’ immediate and future needs, many retailers prioritize trendy and/or newsworthy alternatives.

The sooner retailers invest in scalable digital solutions capable of meeting a range of customer expectations, the better positioned they will be to tackle more complex user needs moving forward.

This report provides:

  • An in-depth—micro and macro—look at the retail environment
  • Tips to select the right digital-ready solutions to scale your business
  • Insights into emerging technologies retailers must consider in their digital strategies
  • Data from the 2017 Executing Digital Transformation Study as well as new industry data exclusive to this report

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