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Four key areas essential to organizational success in a new era

Executing Digital Transformation

The Executing Digital Transformation study reveals data collected from 300 decision makers in marketing, IT and operations and illustrates that businesses are struggling to make improvements with end-users in mind. Complacency is the Achilles heel of today’s digital organizations. Although some companies still cannot support a proper, modern digital experience, many organizations are ready to execute a full-scale digital transformation capable of dramatically improving their business.

This study explores common digital transformation hurdles and how organizations can overcome them, including further analysis across the retail, supply chain and insurance industries. With special attention given to the four key areas of PointSource’s digital transformation framework, this study provides insights for organizations looking to lay the foundation for an improved digital strategy, user experience and more.

The study provides:

  • Key insights and data points that reveal how organizations struggle in their digital transformation
  • Tips for how to overcome common struggles in strategy, user experience, culture and technology transformation
  • Insurance, retail and supply chain industry benchmarks
  • Insights on where your organization may be succeeding or struggling in your own digital transformation

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