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Primerica Client Story

Primerica’s mission is to serve middle income families by helping them make informed financial decisions and providing them with a strategy and means to gain financial independence. With a sales force of over 100,000 representatives, Primerica needed a solution to modernize their operations.

PointSource built a digital solution that supports two mission-critical events: the needs-based sales process and the onboarding, engagement and retention of new reps joining the company.

Download the client story to learn how Primerica, in partnership with PointSource, was able to:

  • Use mobile to drive the majority of their life insurance business, recruiting and securities business
  • Increase new rep retention past the critical 90-day mark
  • Engage and enable insurance reps, making them 4x more likely to make a sale
  • Collect critical data that leads to more informed business decisions, improved sales and client experiences

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